Certificate of Origin

Certificate Of Origin (COO) is one useful document in Import-Export Trade. This certificate indicates that the goods, which are being exported, are actually manufactured in a specific country mentioned therein. This certificate is sent by the exporter to the importer and is useful for claiming special concession, if any on the import duty charged. This certificate needs to be produced before the customs authorities for the assessment of duty and clearance of goods with concessional duty. An importer secures the benefit of Preferential tariff (if available) by producing the certificate of origin to customs authorities. 

Thane Small Scale Industries Association (TSSIA )is one of the Agencies(chamber of Commerce) authorised to issue Certificate of Origin – Non-Preferential – you can verify it on this website of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.


Accordingly we are issuing Non Preferential Category Certificate of Origin to all exporters (member & non member), attestation of export invoices and packing lists.

To avail this facility, an export has to submit the following documents as a pre requirement:

1) Execution of Indemnity Bond on Rs 200 stamp paper in favour of TSSIA.

2) Submission of a certified copy of Import Export Code (IEC) Certificate.

3) Certified Copy of PAN card of the exporter.

After complying with the above requirements, while issuance of Certificate of Origin, the following documents are required to be submitted by the exporter to TSSIA:

1) Copy of Invoice.

2) Copy of Packing list.

3) Copy of Letter of Credit (if any)


Form to be duly filled and submitted (modifiable and printable format)


Format of the Indemnity Bond to filled by the Applicant


Sr. No. Particulars Member Rs. Non Member Rs.
1 Certificate of Origin Charges 70 90
  Add: Service Tax @12.36% 8.65 11.12
  Total 79 101
2 Additional Copies ( 7 Copies ) 70 90
  Add: Service Tax @12.36% 8.65 11.12
  Total 79 101
3 Exporter's Invoices ( 7 Invoices ) 70 90
  Add: Service Tax @12.36% 8.65 11.12
  Total 79 101
4 Amendments of Certificate already issued or Extra Copies (Coo/Invoice/Packing List) 20 20
  Add: Service Tax @12.36% 2.47 2.47
  Total 22 22
5 Certifying Packaging List, Price List, Insurance Co.  70 90
  Add: Service Tax @12.36% 8.65 11.12
  Total 79 101