Objectives of Tssia

Objectives of TSSIA

Entrepreneurship Development

In the era of globalization, liberalization & privatization, self-employment is the only answer to the severe unemployment problems faced by the country. Therefore we undertake EDP for up-coming entrepreneurs, to encourage self-employment.

Solve Problems faced by Small Scale Industries

Interact with government officials to make them aware about the difficulties that SSI face on various issues related to Octroi, MSEB, Excise, Sales Tax, MIDC, ESIC etc. Working with MSEB, MIDC, ESIC, State level Udyog Mitra meeting, ZUM, TMC. We regularly conduct meetings and conferences with officials from these organizations in order to discuss the various problems faced by industries.

Seminars and Educational Programs for Entrepreneurs

We conduct various educational programs and seminars on Industrial Safety & Health, Technological Upgradation, Resource Mobilization, Environment Protection, Export Promotion, Procedure & Contracts, Laws Governing SSI in Revenue and Labour, ISO 9000 certification etc for the development of small Scale Industry.

Encourage Ethical Business Practices

We strongly discourage manufactures or trade in smuggled, spurious, adulterated, sub standard, or unsafe product components. Hence we offer memberships only to those SSI or tiny industries that are registered under various government laws and semi government bodies such as sales tax, shops and establishment act, factory act and DIC.

Fight against Corruption

TSSIA does not encourage corruption by officials of government forcefully collecting money by twisting arms of entrepreneurs. TSSIA is only association to demand money back from corrupt officials and to return it back to the victims. To stop corruption, we engage corrupt officials in an intensive dialog so that they do not ask bribes again. We also strongly encourage members industries not to entertain corruption.

Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

We undertake social responsibilities in time of natural calamities and community distress:

Flood Relief Funds: We helped Jambhulpada people who were affected due to heavy floods.

Kargil Funds for Indian Soldiers: We have collected funds for Kargil Jawan and contributed to Thane District Sainik Kalyan Nidhi for their welfare.

Beautifying neighborhood: TSSIA helps to keep our area clean and green and to preserve the environment.

Opportunities for the less fortunate: We help deaf and mute persons towards self-employment, so they can sustain an independent livelihood.