Mission Statement

• Build an Association of all small and tiny industries in Thane and offer them a platform

to voice their aspirations, suggestions and grievances.

• Act as a link and a communications channel between State and Central Government

Departments, their local offices and our Members.

• Study, assess, represent, suggest & solve various problems faced by Small Scale and tiny

industries due to changing Government rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

• Assist and help members in resolving day-to-day problems arising in their interaction with

Government at all levels, including local authorities and government corporations.

• Assist and help members in solving individual problems related to their industries.

• Organize and arrange educational seminars and instructional programs for the benefits of


• Publish a regular monthly House magazine to provide concise and useful information, relevant

to industry and entrepreneurs.

• Appreciate, felicitate and suitably recognize achievements of our members.

• Act on the principle “Attack on one is an attack an all” by fighting united when even a single

member is the victim of injustice.