Special Guests

Special Guests

Several dignitaries from the central and state government, well known industrialists, members of parliament, members of legislative assembly and government officials regularly visit TSSIA. We have always encouraged constructive discussions between the industry and the government.

Below is a list of some noted dignitaries who have visited us in the past few years.

Central Government Ministers

Shri L.K.Advani

Shri George Fernandes

Shri Yeshwant Sinha

Smt. Sumitra Mahajan

Dr. Raman Singh

Shri Manohar Joshi

Shri Kashiram Rana

Shri Ram Naik

Shri Anandrao Adsul

State Government Ministers

Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh

Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde

Shri Ramrao Adik

Shri Gopinath Munde

Shantaram Gholap    

Shri Issak Jamkhanwala

Shri Homi J Talyarkhan

Shri Ganesh Naik

Shri Ashok Shinde

Members of Parliament

Shri Rambhau Mhalgi

Shri Rambhau Kapse  

Shri Satish Pradhan

Shri Prakash Paranjpe

Members of Legislative Assembly

Shri M.D.Joshi

Shri.Sitaram Bhoir

Shri Ashok Modak    

Shri Sabir Shaikh

Shri Vasant Patwardhan

Shri. Vasant Bapat

Well known Industralists

Late Mr. Ramkrishna Bajaj

Late Mr.Rao Bahadur Gogate

Mr. Prabhakar Deodhar


Government Officials / I.A.S / I.P.S / I.R.S

Padmavibhushan Late Suresh Nadkarni


Mr.Ujwal Uke

Mr.Jaideep Govind



Mr.Vishwas Mohile

Mr.Sharad Upasani



Mr. Suresh Joshi



Shri Krishkant Bhoge

Foreign Dignitories From


Middle East

Great Britain



Geneva (ILO Representative)

Objectives of Tssia

Objectives of TSSIA

Entrepreneurship Development

In the era of globalization, liberalization & privatization, self-employment is the only answer to the severe unemployment problems faced by the country. Therefore we undertake EDP for up-coming entrepreneurs, to encourage self-employment.

Solve Problems faced by Small Scale Industries

Interact with government officials to make them aware about the difficulties that SSI face on various issues related to Octroi, MSEB, Excise, Sales Tax, MIDC, ESIC etc. Working with MSEB, MIDC, ESIC, State level Udyog Mitra meeting, ZUM, TMC. We regularly conduct meetings and conferences with officials from these organizations in order to discuss the various problems faced by industries.

Seminars and Educational Programs for Entrepreneurs

We conduct various educational programs and seminars on Industrial Safety & Health, Technological Upgradation, Resource Mobilization, Environment Protection, Export Promotion, Procedure & Contracts, Laws Governing SSI in Revenue and Labour, ISO 9000 certification etc for the development of small Scale Industry.

Encourage Ethical Business Practices

We strongly discourage manufactures or trade in smuggled, spurious, adulterated, sub standard, or unsafe product components. Hence we offer memberships only to those SSI or tiny industries that are registered under various government laws and semi government bodies such as sales tax, shops and establishment act, factory act and DIC.

Fight against Corruption

TSSIA does not encourage corruption by officials of government forcefully collecting money by twisting arms of entrepreneurs. TSSIA is only association to demand money back from corrupt officials and to return it back to the victims. To stop corruption, we engage corrupt officials in an intensive dialog so that they do not ask bribes again. We also strongly encourage members industries not to entertain corruption.

Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

We undertake social responsibilities in time of natural calamities and community distress:

Flood Relief Funds: We helped Jambhulpada people who were affected due to heavy floods.

Kargil Funds for Indian Soldiers: We have collected funds for Kargil Jawan and contributed to Thane District Sainik Kalyan Nidhi for their welfare.

Beautifying neighborhood: TSSIA helps to keep our area clean and green and to preserve the environment.

Opportunities for the less fortunate: We help deaf and mute persons towards self-employment, so they can sustain an independent livelihood.



Dr. Appasaheb Khambete - Hon. Prosident TSSIA

Thane Small Scale Industries Association, TSSIA, is the largest registered

Small Scale Industries Association in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Established in 1974, TSSIA constantly strives for the development of

Small Scale Industries in the city of Thane.


Dr. Appasaheb Khambete

President - TSSIA

TSSIA Representation

TSSIA Representation on Various Local, State and Central Govt Committees


ESIC: Mr. J. B. Mehta - Vice President, Member of Local Committee of ESIC for Thane District formed by Govt. of Maharashtra.

District Industries Center: Dr. M. R. Khambete - President: District Industries Centre, District Advisory Committee. Udyog Setu./District Award Committee.

R B I: S L I I C Committee: Mr. Sandeep Parikh, Vice President representing TSSIA on State level Inter Institutional Committee, under the head of Development Commissioner.

Planning Commission, Energy Committee, Govt of Maharashtra: Dr. Ashok Pendse, Chairman, Energy Committee TSSIA has been selected as a member of Planning Commission‘s Energy Committee.

MEDA: District Advisory Committee: Dr. Ashok Pendse our EC member representing TSSIA on the District level Committee on Renewable Energy, constituted by Collector Thane.

MERC: Mrs. Sujata Soparkar - Vice President representing the Industrial Consumers on the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

State Level Udyog Mitra Committee & Zilla Udyog Mitra: TSSIA office bearers are regularly attending the Udyog Mitra, ZUM meetings and are continuously pressing for changes, the efforts of which are slowly bearing fruit.

Regional Advisory Committee Central Excise Mumbai II: Mr Sandeep Parikh – Vice President representing TSSIA as a member of this committee.

State level Advisory Board (SISI): Dr. M.R. Khambete.

Industrial Training Institute (Girls) Thane:  Dr.  M.R. Khambete - President and Mrs Sujata Soparkar – Vice President representing TSSIA on the Advisory Committee of  Industrial Training Institute  for Technical  Education.

PTFC:  Mr. Dharmu A Vanjani and Mr. Sachin Mhatre are representing TSSIA on PTFC Committee, Import & Export at J.N.P.T, Jahaj Bhavan, Uran, New Custom House, and Air Cargo Complex respectively.

Nano Technology Committee of IRMRA, Government of India:  Mrs. Sujata Soparkar - Vice President

Thane District Sales Tax (VAT) Advisory Committee: Mr. Sandip Parikh   Vice President & Mr. Dharmu Vanjani - EC member are representing TSSIA.


Sub-Committee Members





Coordinater of all TSSIA Sub-Committees - Mr Tarit Guha

Honorary General Secretary is the Ex Officio Member of all Sub Committees.


Mr. P. S. Agwan

Mr. Bhavesh Maru

Mr. Sumant Mathure

  • Review working of the office
  • Consider matters relating to resources required for the office, budgets and financial performance.
  • TSSIA Building renovation.
  • Review TSSIA’s constitution and make changes.


Mr. Bhaskar Shetty

Mr. Ashish Sirsat

Mr. Kavishvar Prasad

Mrs. Suhasini Joshi

  • Identify companies with potential to be Members and ensure that they join TSSIA
  • Creating new strategies to enhance TSSIA’s image and exposure to industry locally as well as globally and increase networking.


Dr. Madhu Gupta

Mr. Sumant Mathure

Dr Ipshita Basu

  • Empower members by providing training and information in relevant areas and enhance competitiveness.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and highlight areas where new entrepreneurs can flourish to enhance competitiveness of the industry.



Mr. Bhavesh Maru

Mr. Sachin Mhatre

  • Support business of members in all possible ways, including Exhibitions, Business Delegations, Vendor Meets
  • Scouting for Business Opportunities
  • Interact with international organizations for promoting trade.


Mr. J.V.Kulkarni

Mr. Sachin Mhatre

  • Development of TSSIA website and its maintenance.


Mr. Bhaskar Shetty

Mr. Ashish Sirsat

Mr. Jimmy Pauly

Mr. P. R. Bari

Mr. P.S.Agwan

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Octroi, Property Tax, Storage Licence etc.
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.


Mr. Ashok Pendse

Mr. Akolawala

Mr. P.S.Agwan

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Energy & MIDC.
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.


Mr. J.B.Mehta

Mr. Sandeep Parikh

Mr. P.S.Agwan

Dharmu Vanjani

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Central Excise
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.



Mr.Sandeep Parikh

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Labour Laws.
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.


Mr. Dharmu Vanjani

Mr. Sachin Mhatre

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Fiscal Policies and Foreign Trade Policies
  • Taking inputs from Members
  • Trade Barriers – Tariff and Non-Tariff.


Mr. Govind Singh

Mr. P.S.Agwan

  • Keep in touch with Ministers and Government Officials to get policies beneficial to MSMEs pushed.


Mr. Sandeep Parikh

Dr. Madhu Gupta

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Local Banks, RBI, SIDBI.
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.


Mr. Ashok Pendse

Mr. P. S. Agwan

Mr. Sunil P. Kulkarni

  • Review and consider all matters relating to Local Banks, RBI, SIDBI.
  • Solving problems of members at the appropriate forum.


Mr. Dharmu Vanjani

Mr. Sachin Mhatre

  • To review and consider matter related to IPR , Software etc